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How do you find the perfect prom dress? First many girls flock to the internet, (like this awesome website, for example!) to check out the latest styles by designers. Major designers like Mori Lee, La Femme Fashions, Jovani, Sherri Hill, Tony Bowls, Flirt, and Tiffany always have the pictures of their dresses released quickly to the public so that customers can catch a glimpse of what is to come for fashion that year. Another way girls get ideas for 2016 prom dresses is to look at major magazines like Teen Prom, Your Prom, and Seventeen. In these magazines you will find what seems like an endless supply of gown pictures, ideas, tips, and much more. As early as January, many girls have already picked out their dress, some even before they have a date!


When looking for a gown, whether online or in store, what should you be considering? One thing that many girls think of first is, do I want a short or a long dress? Traditionally the prom dresses were long, but short are just about splitting the show in half nowadays! Long prom dresses are fun for the girl who likes the classic look and wants the full royal experience of a formal dress. Short gowns are more for the girl who wants a more casual experience, although some short prom dresses are quite fancy! Sherri Hill makes some fabulous options with short and long version for the same look. One option for some girls is to wear a short dress one year and a long the next. Either way, you must be sure that the dress you get, shows your personality. The possibilities are out of this world.


Another consideration a girl must make is of color. Every color in the rainbow is an option but not every girl can wear every color. Think of a color that looks good on you and start there. When in doubt go with black! What if you do not want to wear a solid color? You have a few options: wear a dress that has a few colors combined on one dress or choose a print. Color blocking is extremely popular in the fashion world right now, and prom gowns are always on the cutting edge of fashion! Ombre fabrics are also prevalent in the prom world. Ombre fabrics fade a color, or colors, into other colors. Combined colors on prom dresses is nothing new to the fashion industry. Black and white is a staple, as is red and black. Alyce Designs has always had a great selection of multi-colored styles. Prints have been making a scene for the past few years. Every year, the prints get brighter and bolder. What started with animal prints has grown to digital prints that include images of everything you could think of. Tony Bowls, a leader in the industry, makes a wide selection of printed dresses for the girl who wants to wear a work of art! Feathers, hearts, flowers, and even sea coral has been used in the printed fabrics. Now, before you get too carried away, some girls like to check with their date to see what color they want to wear. In the South, some guys wear the new camo tuxedoes and the girl will go to prom wearing the neon orange color to go with it! Whatever you decide, remember it is your night too, and no matter what, the hype of that night will one day fade away, but the pictures will last you a lifetime!


The last thing you must take into consideration, and it may be the most important, is the cut of the dress. Does it fit you? Meaning, does it really accentuate your body the absolute best way that it possibly could? What are your style options? Well, to name a few: mermaid, a-line, fit and flare, empire waist, straight, and ball gown. And if that was not confusing enough, there are neckline options like: halter top, strapless, sweetheart, v-neck, one shoulder, spaghetti straps, and draped. The fabric of prom dresses can also help with the fit. If you like sleek and slim, and you love every curve of your body to be shown, try a dress made from Satin Charmeuse. If you like to show off your waist but not your hips, try a ball gown made from tulle or taffeta. Do you have a large waist and hips? Try an empire waist gown in chiffon to give a flowy look to your dress. If there is no time to try on a dress because you cannot make it to a store, and you are ordering online, go with a dress style and neckline option that you know looks good on you. Do not try to push the envelope and go with something you have no idea about. Remember: in most cases, you cannot send 2016 prom dresses back! Find a dress in your closet that you know looks good on you or a top that you wear that the neckline is cute on you, and go with that type of style for your gown. This is your prom, you want to look your best!


After the gown has been purchased there are just a few more things you must do to get ready for the big night. First thing you must do is take your dress to have it altered. If your dress is too long, you should take it and have it hemmed so that it is 1/4 of an inch off the floor. A major big no no is for your shoes to be showing, if you are wearing long prom dresses! It is equally bad if your dress is so long that you have to carry it the entire time! Other alterations that are common are having the dress taken up under the arms so that the bust line fits tighter and having the straps adjusted. Once the dress has been altered, make sure you pick it up in time to take it back to either where you bought it or to a dry cleaners to have it steamed so that there are no wrinkles. If your gown has a train, you may want to have it bustled. A bustle is a little hook and eye, or a set of ties, that pulls the train up out of your way for when you are dancing! In the meantime, while the dress is being fixed and readied, you need to purchase shoes and jewelry to go with the dress. A lot of girls also make appointments for hair, make up, and nails. So much to do for this one night, but it will be worth it!


Prom night has finally arrived and you have your make up, hair, and nails done! It is time to put on the prom dress you have been waiting and waiting to wear! There are a few things you can do in order to make sure that your gown gets on you without any problems! One thing is, wait until after the dress is on to put on deodorant! You do not want white smudges or greasy stains on the gown!! Yuck! Next is when zipping your gown up, make sure you fasten the hook and eye at the top of the zipper before zipping! Do not tug on the zipper or you may have a prom dress with a broken zipper. Also, never put on your gown, especially if it is white, over your head if you have make up on. You want that pretty make up to stay on your face, not your dress. The same precaution should be used for jewelry. Put it on after your dress is on, and make sure to watch yourself with bracelets and rings so that they do not pick the fabric/material. Wash your hands before touching the gown and in general, handle with care!

All in all, 2016 prom dresses will be fun to shop for and buy! With all the different possibilities of styles, there is no way you cannot find one that you will like! Check our website frequently for updates and all the latest trends and styles for any event in your life!

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