Polka Dot Dresses

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The Lisa Dress

La Femme 22484

The Art Deco Dress

La Femme 22348

The Cali Style Dress

La Femme 22961

The Dotty Striped Dress

La Femme 23383

Two Tone Polka Dot

La Femme 23392
La Femme 21359
$378.00 / $238.00

The Dotty Lotty Dress

La Femme 21393

Polka Dot Mermaid Dress

La Femme 21348

Polka Polka Gown

La Femme 21180

The Stylish Dress

La Femme 20577
$238.00 / $198.00

Dresses with polka dots are fun and flirty prom dresses that will help you stand out from the rest of the traditional gowns at your event. Unique and eye catching, these dresses are a fun, retro nod to the eras of times gone. Polka dots are cute and fun with a vintage throw back vibe. Take a page of out of Marilyn Monroe's style book in a retro polka dot prom dress. They remind the viewer of fun pin-ups and sultry, lady like sexuality. We have styles with polka dots available in short designs, mini's, ball gowns and mermaid prom dresses. We also have polka dot dresses in two piece cuts, as well as simple chiffon style dresses that have been adorned with polka dots. You can snaz up your look even more when you choose a polka dot dress with crystal and sequin details. Whatever the shape and look you are going for, a polka dot prom dress is the one for you. Shop all our dresses with polka dots below!

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