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An edgy take on full-length gowns, high low prom dresses are a trendy and comfortable option for a number of formal events. With high low dresses, you can enjoy the feel of a long gown with the comfort and ease of movement of a short dress. This trend has been on fire at recent red carpet events. Celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne and Naomie Harris were both spotted at the 2017 Oscars rocking high low formal dresses. On or off the red carpet, Dress Therapy's selection of high low dresses are sure to give you an award-winning look.

Need a long gown, but don't have time to get alterations? Then a high low gown is just the style for you. Skip out on tripping over your long dress and making trips to the alterations specialist this year. Get the glamorous look without the hassle. Shorter in the front and longer in the back, a high low hem can come in a variety of different styles. Browse through our collection of short skirts beneath long overlays and asymmetrical hemlines to find what design best suits your style. This assortment features short high low dresses with a subtle change in hem lengths that would make a fabulous choice for homecoming for a cocktail party. Shop for a white high low dress here for your wedding reception or for a black high low dress for prom. Pair your look with some gorgeous strappy heels and get ready to strut your way into your event.

A high low formal gown can come in a variety of different silhouettes. Choose a blue flowy chiffon high low dress for a style that moves along with your every step or a red mikado A line high low ball gown. Throw a set of pockets and sleeves into the mix and you've got a fresh off the runway look. A two piece high low evening dress would look fantastic with sleeves for a sassy high-fashion look. Dress Therapy has a variety of high low options in a range of prices points. Shopping on a budget? This collection features many cheap high low dresses for you to pick from. Fitting for a number of formal events and budgets, Dress Therapy's high low style dresses will surely make you feel confident and beautiful on your special night.

Sassy and flashy! Want an incredible look that rocks for prom? Of course you do, and we've got it for you in stunning, unique black high low prom dresses. A look that is youthful and elegant, you are going to go wild for a high to low prom dress for your next dance. These dresses are fun and flashy, and feel like a dream on your figure. There are so many cuts of formal gown out there to choose from, why not pick something that will truly stand out in the crowd?

Why should you choose a high low prom dress for your big day? Well, we have a million reasons. First of all, let's talk about how flattering this style can be to your frame. Hugging the top of your body and then flowing through the bottom, it really streamlines your figure and makes for an excellent exit with a gorgeous train. A high low dress will flare down to just above your knees and then cut off, flaring out towards the back. What could truly be better than a stunning entrance and exit? Best of both worlds, if you ask us. It streams and flows out behind you as you walk, and some of them even come down long enough to create an impressive train behind you, which photographs excellently and dramatically, and will look fantastic when you share these photos on social media. This lets you show off one of a females best assets, our legs, and gives you a great reason to invest in some lovely footwear. Sexy heels are amazing with red high low prom dresses, where the cut of the style frames your legs and feet. You are sure to love high low formal gown just for this reason!

Another reason to wear blue high low prom dresses is because they are unique and unlike any dress that your average woman would pick out. It will stand out from the sea of people in long and short dresses and makes a statement that says you are confident and special and aren't afraid to flaunt it. Available in a trillion different shapes and fabrics, you will love the options that high low prom dresses offer. Chiffon is a very popular fabric for a dress like this, because it truly flows in the most elegant way as you dance through the evening. But there are many more (including plus size dresses) that come in lace, strapless, white, blue, and maxi designs.

Where is an appropriate event to wear a high to low formal gown? Great question, and we have the answer for you. Anywhere! This is a style that works for a variety of occasions. The most prominent event we sell high to low gowns for is prom. A lot of youthful ladies who are really looking for something that is going to stand out and be dress code appropriate. Great for schools with dress codes that worry about short skirts, because they do run longer through the thigh and aren't as revealing as a straight-cut short dress. Secondly, homecoming is a very fashionable affair. Generally, homecoming is more casual, and most girls don't choose a long dress. Short gold prom dresses are the current hot trend for hoco. But some want a little more coverage than most short dresses provide. This is when a cheap high low prom dress is the perfect choice for your daughter. Another event that works wonderfully is at a wedding! Bridesmaid high to low dresses are super popular choice for Summer and more contemporary weddings, where brides want their girls to stand out in something special and different than the rest of the crowd.

However you rock your high low dress, it is a guaranteed smashing hit. Feel confident, special, and unique. These flattering dresses are sexy and fun, but still demure and modest, making your celebration one to remember for a lifetime. Pick out some fun shoes to pair it with and get ready to show off your legs in this sensational cut of formal gown! Throw on a smile and you a guaranteed to be center stage in a high to low homecoming dress.