A major trend right now in the industry is these stunning long prom dresses with sleeves. Perfect for any age, style, or event, these come in a a variety of styles that will appeal to your personal taste. Made of all sorts of fabric and extremely complimentary to your figure, add an air of elegance to the night with a gorgeous sleeve on your formal gown! We have the largest selection of prom dresses with sleeves anywhere on the market so shop your favorites now!

One of the most popular styles of long sleeve prom dresses we are seeing that our customers like to buy are the sheer lace sleeves. A classic design that works for all ages and appropriate for any event, a lace sleeve allows you to show a little skin while retaining some mystery about your look. Prom dresses with sleeves are elegant and refined and date back to the victorian ages of ultimate glamour and class.

Want to add some real show stopping detail to a prom dress with sleeves? Long, sequin and rhinestone sleeve formal gowns are a perfect way to really dress up your style. These details over luxe prom dresses with sleeves reflect in the light and give you a taste of regality. Usually fitted over jersey long sleeved formal gowns, you are going to go wild for the way these look.

Another reason some ladies like prom dresses with sleeves on their gown is because it is weather-appropriate. Are you looking for a perfect dress for a winter formal, or a January gala? Maybe an awards show on the horizon? A great way to stay looking fabulous and comfortably cute during the colder seasons, these look fantastic on every figure.

However you choose to rock your prom dresses with sleeves, you are guaranteed to look fly. We have every size, shape and color you could imagine in short and full lengths, so make sure you check these out for homecoming, galas, and any event in your life. Remember that prom dresses with sleeves are safe for any occasion!