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Go bombshell beauty at your prom in a sexy Panoply dress! Brought to you from the multi designer powerhouse House of Wu comes this perfect prom collection. You can officially take sexy to a whole new level in these gowns! The sultry silhouette of each and every style available flatters your body perfectly and gives you that perfect hourglass figure you crave! If you are looking to be in the spotlight, a Panoply dress is the perfect prom choice for you. These dresses are a hit! The shimmer and shine on these dresses sparkle in the light and will guarantee you are the center of attention - no matter what! This dress will be a hit at prom, pageants, and formal events everywhere!

Panoply really is a collection for the wild child inside all of us - you know you have one! The shimmer and shine on these prom dresses sparkle perfectly in the light. One of their trademark looks in their collections are fully sequined dresses. Not designed for the shy girls out there, you will propel yourself into the public eye in one of these dresses - and definitely into a photo op or two! Hello, paparazzi - give them a smile and a wave! These gowns in particular are made of multi colored liquid sequins that shimmer and shine with every turn you make. Not to mention, they are super slimming! Tiffany Designs prom dresses are made by the same company and have similar looks.

Another thing that Panoply is extremely well-known for are their backless dresses. These open, strappy looks often feature fabric cut outs of the front of the dress that lead around to an incredible sexy backless dress! Are you craving the celebrity spotlight? Slip on a Panoply dress and get transformed on to the red carpet. Plunging necklines, bold colors, and equally sexy backless dresses show off serious skin. Cut outs and rhinestones accentuate the body hugging designs even more, and ensure a fabulous look that is just right for you and your body type. If you are unsure what color to go with, be assured that each and every dress comes in multiple colors. Metallics, Jewel tones, and Fun prints spice the collection up a little bit, and really draw the eye. If you want something bold or printed, Panoply prom dresses are surely the one that will catch your attention and eventually end up in your shopping cart!

One last detailing and embellishment that Panoply is known for is their gorgeous embroidery. Hand sewed by designers overseas, this thread work is beyond fancy and will make everyone want a closer look at your style! From fruits to flowers to feathers, there are gorgeous patterns and designs woven into these dresses, and open backs and thigh high slits only seek to enhance the beauty of the details. Once you catch a glimpse of this detailing, you are going to want a Panoply prom dress right away!