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Are you all about getting the best bang for your buck? Don't want anything over the top, just love the classics? Damas prom dresses are for you! These perfect dresses come in at great prices with wonderful sophistication level that doesn't disappoint. Damas is primarily known for their short dresses. Layered looks with cotton candy tulle skirts, these are excellent for the youthful ladies out there. Different styles of necklines make these work for all ages. Strapless, one shoulder, and halter are most prevalent among the options. If you are shopping for a long dress, however, there is a classic selection of designs with soft empire and A-line waists. There are a wide variety of colors, and available to order in even more. Lots of women like to use Damas prom dresses for bridesmaids gowns, due to their low prices and simplistic silhouettes. Choose your color and style, and let the ladies order whichever size suits them. One last notable thing to mention about Damas are the flawless corset backs that appear on every dress. This ensures a fabulous fit and an unblemished curve to your bust. Short and long prom or bridesmaids dresses give you a killer look for anywhere, and anytime!

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The Classic Halter Dress

Damas 52306

The Plum Perfect Dress

Damas 52301

The Anytime Anywhere Dress

Damas 52305

The Waterdance Dress

Damas 52304

The Sweet Pink Cheeks Dress

Damas 52308

The Dip Me Dress

Damas 52303

The Wrapped Wonderful Dress

Damas 52307

The Tea Party Short Dress

Damas 52334

The Royal Dance Dress

Damas 52302

Manufacturer: Damas

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Price Range: $100 - $200

Sizes: XS-XL

Authentic: YES