Prom Dresses in California

Searching for prom dresses in California? Dress Therapy is here to help! Use the menu at the top of the site to search through our huge collection of designer prom dresses and gowns. We have categories that break dresses up by style such as short dresses, one shoulder, ball gowns, etc. We also have all our prom dresses sorted by color or type of event you are attending. Not sure what to wear to an event? We have done all the work for you by putting dresses in categories that are appropriate for your event. Because California is so populated, girls start shopping for prom early. If your local prom dress shop doesn't have what you are looking for, check out our huge online selection and have the dress shipped to your home for free (orders over $200).

Down south in San Diego, the current popular styles are cocktail dresses and open backs. In the Los Angeles, Long Beach, Anaheim, Riverside, Irvine and Fontana areas - pretty much anything goes! Your dress is what you make of it so pick something that fits your personality and have fun! Bakersfield girls need to keep an eye on the thermometer as there have been some hot prom's in the last few years. Plan accordingly. You might not want to get a huge poofy ball gown if its gonna be 95 degrees out.

Heat is not so much of a problem as you move up north in the San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento area. If anything up here you need to make sure you are not going to be too cold! Since these are all metropolitan areas, pretty much anything goes for your dress (we do have a sexy prom dress section if your school will allow it). We send lots of open backs and dresses with high slits to Oakland and San Jose. While in Stockton, Fremont and Oxnard we ship more prom dresses with trains and fashion forward designs.

Customers from California recently looked at:

Tiffany 61126

Make him blush when you choose Tiffany 61126 ball gown as your special dress!


Tiffany 16663

Sparkles always take over all attention and Tiffany 16663 is the prom dress that will do just that!


Alyce Paris 3627

How fabulous is Alyce Paris 3627?


Studio 17 12296

Studio 17 12296 is a stunning dress great for pageants and prom!


La Femme 20618

Short dresses are truly prom perfection!


La Femme 20719

La Femme 20719 is total bombshell dress - made for a bombshell like you!


Alyce Paris 6442

A little classy, a little daring, makes this sexy silhouette a top pick for us!


Gigi 20168

Gigi 20168 Prom Dress is a lovely natural waist chiffon gown with a sweetheart neckline.


Tiffany 61136

A stunning white (or navy!


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