Prom Dresses in Alabama

Congrats to the national champion Crimson Tide! There is so much history in Alabama, its hard to know where to start. There are a slew of museums, civil war sites, and historic homes in Birmingham and Montgomery. If the outdoors is your thing, Alabama offers some of the best camping, hiking, boating, biking and just about anything you can think of outdoors can be found in Tuscaloosa. Its beautiful here in Huntsville! Looking for some time under the sun? Don't forget the fantastic beaches along the gulf coast.

In Alabama, heck, in the south in general, prom season is a big deal. You need to get out there and start shopping early for the best available selection. If you wait till the last minute, everyone will have limited selection in your sizes and color. Since you are looking, for a prom dress, be sure to check out the prom dresses section on We ship for free to Alabama for all orders over $200. If you have any questions, customer service is always here to help!

Customers from Alabama recently looked at:

Claudine 2311

Have some fun is this most fabulous Claudine 2311 dress!


La Femme 19388

La Femme 19388 is a sequined dress with a chiffon overlay.


La Femme 20984

La Femme 20984 will hug your curves in all the right places!


Tiffany 16710

Rosie meets cheetah for the perfect combo, Tiffany 16710!


La Femme 21185

La Femme 21185 is elegant dreams come to life!


Sherri Hill 32178

Sherri Hill 32178 is a polka dot princess!


La Femme 21038

Sleek and sophisticated, you are going to love showing off your figure in La Femme 21038 prom dress!


Damas 52313

Short but simple is always in style!


Sticks and Stones 9266

Pretty as a princess in Sticks and Stones 9266!


Studio 17 12158

Studio 17 12158 is all the rage this year!


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